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Cedrick Manalili, Physical Therapist

Cedrick Manalili, DPT

Physical Therapy Association and Rotary Club; Clinical Instructor; Post Graduate Training includes: Graston Technique (method of instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, diagnostics and therapeutic applications and procedures, (10/24-25, 2009); MicroPoint System (photo stimulation), Gait Concepts and Orthotic Applications, (10/1/09); Mulligan Concept-Manual Therapy for Spine and Extremities- Advanced Course, (4/18-19,2009); Mulligan Concept-Manual Therapy For Lower Quarter, (3/8-9,2009); Graston Technique-Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, (June 2007); Mulligan Concept-Manual Therapy for Upper Quarter; Mulligan Concept-Introduction to Spinal Cord Peripheral Manual Therapy, (5/19-20,2007); Shoulder Symposium, (1/3/07); Functional Job Analysis and Pre-work Screen-Workwell Systems (Isernhagen), (2007); Ergonomics analysis for health care professionals, (2007); Hands on Aquatic Training Seminar, (9/9-10,2006); Functional Capacity Evaluation Training (Workwell Systems), (2006); Back to Golf (basic and advanced-Northeast Seminars), (9/23-26,2005); Lymphedema Management Seminar (Academy of Lymphatic Studies), (5/8-11,2004); Spinal Instability- Whole Spine Stabilization (Stanley Paris, PHD,PT), (4/24/09); Pelvic Muscle Dysfunction with a focus on EMG Behavioral Treatment, (4/26-27,2002); Innovative Applications of Bio-feedback in women’s Health and Orthopedic Clinics, (4/28/02); Focus on The Knee and Shoulder-Designing comprehensive and successful rehab programs, (9/22-23,2001). Cedrick has also been trained and certified in Kinesio Taping and also MPS Ultimate Pain therapy.

Cedrick has been a Physical Therapist for almost 20 years. He moved to Morristown with his wife Irene in 1997. They have twin boys, Diego and Lorenzo. He is originally from the Philippines and now he is a hillbilly.

Cedrick enjoys: triathlons, golf; snowboarding; photography; carve boarding; hiking; family outings; picnics; playing with his kids; going out to dinner; and watching movies with Irene and their children.