Post-Surgical Rehab Patient

Feb17th 2020

I had surgery on my right shoulder to remove a bone spur off and remove calcium from the bone. I was unable to do regular house work, sweeping, mopping, making bed, do dishes, get dressed, and tie shoes without being in a lot of pain. I received various types of treatment while in therapy at St. Luke’s some of them are: exercises, stretching, heat, and ice. I did therapy for 6 weeks and did 12 visits. I am still healing and working to get my strength back in my arm and shoulder. I am now able to do all the things I was unable to do before therapy. I continue to progress and get stronger each day. I picked St. Luke’s Rehab Center because they understand what kind of therapy I need to get better. The staff is very kind and no matter what kind of pain I was in when I came in I lift with my spirits lifted knowing I could get through this. I keep coming back because of the compassion and care of the staff to their patients.